Sunday, April 18, 2010

John Braun DL, Tyler Thomas OL Oregon State

John Braun (above), a 20 year old defensive end, and Tyler Thomas, a 19 year old offensive lineman, were both cited following run ins with the law and drinking. Braun was cited for "hosting a party for minors" earlier this month when the cops responded to a loud noise call from the defensive lineman's house at 11:16 PM. Him and his roommates (including Thomas) were drinking, however they weren't all given underages. Thomas, being the bad ass he is, decided to test his luck another time. Thomas was cited for minor in possession of alcohol when he used a fake ID to get into a bar at 1:16 AM, pretty damn close to bar time. The 2 redshirt freshman haven't gotten any playing time. Judging by the picture below, Thomas should probably get more playing time.

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