Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Jerry Jones Owner Dallas Cowboys

As mentioned in the bottom of the Santonio Holmes post below, now comes out a video I can actually embed on the site. Here is Jerry Jones, drunk, and being interviewed in a bar with some not so nice things to say about Tim Tebow and former Cowboys coach Bill Parcells. The video is originally from Deadspin.

Here is how Yahoo! sports' Shutdown Corner heard the video:

Jerry Jones: Romo was a miracle.

Fan: It was a miracle, wasn't it?

Jerry: He almost never got in, and he almost was gone. Tebow would never hit the field.

Fan: What if you were the Jaguars owner? Would you just, just draft him to sell fuckin' jerseys?

Jerry: That's the only reason I brought in Bill Parcells. (inaudible). Bill's not worth a shit. I love him ...

Fan: Yeah, I know you do.

Jerry: He's not worth a shit, but I wanted a — they were on my [expletive] so bad. J's gotta have a yes man. So to get this fuckin' stadium, I needed to bring his [expletive] in.

Fan: What, you, you wouldn't take Tebow in the third round?

Jerry: Why? He'd never get on the field. I can't get him out there. I can't get him out there.

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