Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy 4/20

Just want to take this moment to wish Anthony McCoy, Santonio "Wake N Bake" Holmes, Jonathan "Blunt Spray" Babineaux, Charles "Blow Erryday" Rogers, Jimmy Smith, Quincy Carter, Freddy "Just ship it to Fred Ex" Mitchell, Ezra "Weed? Just part of my diet" Butler , Ricky "Football? Nah, weeds better" Williams, Michael Vick and his brother, Donte Stallworth, Randy "Blue Moon" Moss, Percy Harvin, LeRoy Hill, Jamal "High Bird" Anderson, Travis "Is Weed a Contraceptive?" Henry, and Nate "Trying to smoke my weight in Weed" Newton, a very, very happy 4/20. Now most likely they've already celebrated, and have cleared out the fridge. But Don't tweet about it, don't drive with it, don't get drunk and run around a motel with it, and don't tell the media its part of your diet, and you should be A OK.

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