Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Gary Tinsley LB Minnesota Gophers

Gary Tinsley, Junior LB for the Golden Gophers who was set to be a starter this season has been arrested early Sunday Morning for recklass driving, driving under the influence, and fleeing on foot and by motor vehicle. You may (or may not) remember that while prior being on this site was for fleeing on foot (and underage drinking) as well. This one is funnier though. Why? Because Tinsley was fleeing the police on a moped, on what some might be considered a "decently fast paced chase". Tinsley, and a man who got away, were caught going the wrong way down a one way by an officer on 'party duty'. The two men fled, one nearly hitting the door of a cop car. Tinsley and the other man were riding down sidewalks and yards and Tinsley dumped his moped and fled on foot, then was caught by University cops. He was still in custody as of Monday night, not known if the Moped Bandito is still in custody.

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