Monday, April 5, 2010

Deon Grant S New York Giants

Deon Grant celebrated his birthday March 14th, when he turned 31 years old. He was with the Seahawks. The next day, He was cut by the Seahawks... Happy... Birthday? The ex-Second round pick by the Carolina Panthers from Tennessee has played with 3 teams prior to signing with the Giants, the Panthers, the Jaguars, and the before mentioned Seahawks. The Seahawks cut him due to contract issues, mainly they paid Grant way too much, when they signed him they made him the 3rd highest paid safety in the league, signing him to a 6 year contract worth more than 30 million dollars. Only Ed Reed, and Roy Williams of the Cowboys were paid more at that time. After being cut, the Giants signed him April 1st, and it apparently wasn't a joke. The Giants recently acquired Antrel Rolle, and Still have Kenny Phillips but his knee injury leaves many questions up in the air.

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