Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ben Roethlisberger QB Pittsburgh Steelers

More Ben Roethlisberger awesomeness. While Tom Brady marries, dumps, marries supermodels and actresses, and Aaron Rodgers dates swimsuit models, and Tony Romo dates country stars, Ben Roethlisberger resorts to this, proving that Chivalry still exists, from the smoking gun:

This anonymous girl apparently gave Big Ben a ride home because he was so hammered, and then had to help him up the stairs to his bedroom. When they got up to the bedroom he took his dick out of his pants and said that she could do whatever she wants. Then a week or 2 later he invited her over for a party and when they got up his room he forcibly put his hand up the girls skirt, and then became extremely angry when she left.

Ah Ben, stay classy! Onto the task more at hand, the smoking gun also has all the documents from the most recent one, and... well part of it sounds surprisingly familiar:

Ben met with these females and called them "teases" and made other sexual remarks. Ben bought all the girls shots and then one of the body guards led the victim by her arm down a hallway and sat her down on a stool, then the body guard left and Ben Roethlisberger came back... penis out of his pants. She said it wasn't okay and that they didn't need to do it. She tried to leave and went to the first door she saw, it ended up being a bathroom and then the alleged sexual assault occurred. He then reassured her that everything was alright and left without saying anything. Apparently, due to a witness statement, the sexual encounter was no longer than 10 minutes, even with Ben's level of intoxication.

Apparently Ben didn't know what DTF meant either, and when the girls told him that it meant "Down To Fuck" and that it was a joke between the sorority sisters, he said "I'm not DTF but I like to fuck girls"

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