Monday, March 29, 2010

Santonio Holmes WR Pittsburgh Steelers

As if the Steelers don't have enough shit on their hands... Santonio Holmes comes around to make it worse. Holmes, the Super Bowl MVP, has been named in a civil suit that alleges that he assaulted a female. The suit, by Anshonoe Mill, claims that she was sitting on the armrest of a couch in VIP, and wouldn't leave when asked by Holmes, then Holmes put his hand in her face trying to get her to leave, then Holmes threw an entire drink, not just the drink, the class, ice and straw as well, and it hit her in the face "temporarily blinding" her and giving her a cut beneath her eyebrow.
Outside the club then she got hassled by Police saying he couldn't be charged, and Santonio Holmes offered her cash to get her off his back. She didn't file charges because she felt compelled not to by Santonio and the police. She's asking for an amount over $15,000.

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