Friday, March 26, 2010

Ronnie Brown RB Miami Dolphins

Running Back and Wildcat Extraordinaire Ronnie Brown is in a little bit bigger trouble than 5 fucks from Wake Forest, he got popped for DUI while almost slamming into two vehicles in oncoming traffic while being double the legal limit. Brown allegedly drifted into oncoming traffic and narrowly missed a southbound vehicle. He was charged with improper lane use also, clearly you should only drive in one. The officer pulled Brown over after he was going "50-60" in a 35, and when he approached the vehicle he smelled alcohol, he said that Brown spoke with a "thick tongue" and his eyes were glassy. Then he told him that his surgery that happened 4 1/2 months ago on his ankle was 6 weeks prior. He then failed numerous sobriety tests and was arrested and charged.

So now its clear, Ronnie Brown is the drinker, Ricky Williams is the smoker.

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