Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Jason Robinson S Boise State

Jason Robinson, Boise States supposed "Special Teams Ace" was suspended indefinitely a couple weeks back, and now we know why. Its because he was arrested for being a drunk bar brawler, and fucked some dudes shit up. The charged just happens to be felony aggravated battery, so sounds like he's kinda fucked as well. It all happened at 12:30 AM when Robinson was talking to a male and a female, and apparently the dude that got his shit rocked came up and started jawing, NOT smart to do when the guy you're jawing with is a division one football player (excludes kickers... well... some of them) more shit talking ensued, and then boom, right to the jaw, which later turned out to have gotten broken by the punch. He later went to the hospital and pressed charges. So from what it sounds like, this guy, goes up and talks shit to a division 1 football players minding his own business, and gets what he deserves, and for that... Robinson faces 15 years in prison. Thats what you get for, "causing great bodily harm, permanent disability, or permanent disfigurement" in one god damn punch.

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