Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Giavanni Ruffin, Brandon Jackson RB East Carolina

2 of the top 3 returning rushers for East Carolina, Senior Giavanni Ruffin (#3 with 308 yards) and Junior Brandon Jackson (#2 with 316 yards/pictured above) have been arrested, and Jackson has been cut from the squad, while Ruffin has been suspended indefinitely. Jackson and Ruffin were arrested and charged with public intoxication, resisting a police officer, and obstructing. Jackson, 20, was also charged with underage drinking.

This incident was Brandon Jackson's 3rd alcohol arrest in a year in January he was arrested for DWI, driving after consuming under the age of 21, resisting, and public intoxication, in 2008 he was arrested for DWI as well.. Not many things have been released as to what happened, but WNCT had this to say about it:

"Police say 20-year-old Brandon Jackson and 21-year-old Giavanni Ruffin got out of hand repeatedly. Officers approached them three times before finally arresting them."

Update: Giavanni Ruffin has been arrested again for missing his court date for the previously mentioned public intoxication, resisting, and obstructing. He allegedly responded saying that his Uncle had died and he was helping his mother who is sick with Lupus, and the court date crossed his mind.

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