Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ross Jenkins QB Louisiana Tech

Nelson Chenault/US Presswire

Ross Jenkins, who has started 20 games for Louisiana Tech at QB in the last 2 years was recently arrested for DUI. Not just DUI, but super fucking awesome shitfaced DUI.

Jenkins was stopped by the damn Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries at a sobriety checkpoint, and ain't that some bullshit? He was probably taking a odd route home so that he didn't meet the police, little did he know these douches who couldn't make the real PD would be waiting there for him. He was stopped at 1:40 AM, and when he got out and finally got to blow in a breathalyzer, it read nearly 3 times the legal limit. He ended up blowing a .228. New Tech coach Sonny Dykes (hehe) said simply he was "disappointed" and that it would be handled internally.

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