Saturday, February 13, 2010

Markques Simas WR Colorado

Markques Simas was primed for a breakout season this last season as a redshirt sophomore. Well it happened, if you consider 43 catches, 575 yards and 3 touchdowns a breakout season, which put him second for the Colorado Buffaloes. Well now, he's been suspended indefintely, and no its not from academics which cost him a year and 2 games, its because of an arrest for DUI.

Simas made a U-turn without using a turn signal at 2:20 AM which is why he got pulled over, as well as going over the double yellow line. When they talked to him he had bloodshot eyes and slurred his words. He took two BAC tests, one a .135 and one at .138, both over the .08 legal limit in Colorado.

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