Thursday, February 25, 2010

Knowshon Moreno RB Denver Broncos

Stephen Anderson, an 18 year old freshman apparently didn't knowshit when he messed with Knowshon Moreno over the past weekend. Stephen Johnson got KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT apparently in one punch by Knowshon in a bar fight at the Bourbon Street Bar in Athens, GA. The story is sketchy as fuck because the accuser (who of course was underage, and drunk, in a bar) was so fucking ShaqDiesel'd that he doesn't remember who punched him, of course, his friends remember. You don't forget something like getting punched in the face by an NFL player, unless he punched you so hard that your brain scrambled and you forgot how to read. Which I think might be possible. Police questioned Moreno who said that he was punched first, so at least it wasn't a lie that he was there and swingin'. So apparently this 18 year old pussy of a freshman got his shit rocked, and then after going to the doctors, getting diagnosed with a concussion, and consulting his friends on what he should do, he went to press charges. Needless to say, no charges were filed.

Even I could knock that kid out edit: Don't worry about it folks, the good commenters of Deadspin are ON THE CASE, apparently below is the kid that was so shitfaced drunk probably off of 2 wine coolers and a smirnoff ice (with a chaser, of course) that he talked shit to a 5'11 210 pound brick shithouse that is an NFL runningback, and paid the consequences.

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