Sunday, February 21, 2010

Kiko Alonso LB Oregon

20 year old backup linebacker linebacker Kiko Alonso, who will be a redshirt sophomore on the field next year, was hit with a DUI charge early Saturday morning. Alonso becomes the 5th Oregon Duck arrested within the past month. Alonso was stopped at 2:19 AM Saturday morning at a 7-11 where he was then cited for DUI. He was driving eratically when he was pulled over, and was also charged with failure to maintain a lane, improper turn, driving uninsured, and minor in possession. Rough night.

Probably should be censored update: Apparently, via Senior WR Jamere Holland, Kiki Alonso was booted off the team... and Holland is none to pleased about this, clearly. From Deadspin vis SportByBrooks:

Update: Kiko Alonso has been arrested on three charges; first degree burglary, first degree criminal trespassing and second degree criminal mischief. He allegedly was arrested after a woman reported a man pounding on her door demanding to be let inside. She left after calling the police and when they came they came to find the door broken down and Alonso inside. He has since been suspended indefinitely from the football team. Mugshot can be seen below.

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