Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Joe Cullen Assistant Coach Jacksonville Jaguars

AP Photo

Joe Cullen, an assistant coach for the Jacksonville Jaguars finally went out and talked about his arrest he had when he was a defensive line coach for the Detroit Lions. Specifically, he was arrested for driving through a Wendy's drive through drunk -- and naked -- the night before a game. Even more specifically, he doesn't remember it:

Well, it’s simple; it’s called a blackout, so I don’t know,” Cullen said to the Florida Times-Union, “When you have a blackout, bang. You realize through being educated [about alcohol consumption] that you drink too much. I’m sure there’s a lot of incidents out there where people don’t remember a thing they did the night when they were drinking. That’s basically what happened.”

8 days following that incident, he was arrested for DUI, and while coaching at Ole Miss he was arrested for Public Intoxication for passing out at a sandwich show waiting for his food. So to say he had an alcohol problem was an understatement, but he states that he has been sober for 3 1/2 years. He told the Florida Times-union, "I made a promise to myself that alcohol and I weren’t going to be teammates any more." Thats a hell of a lot more dedication than I have, me and alcohol have games this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. I can't leave my teammates behind, what are they without me? They'll never win.

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