Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Blaine/Tyler Gabbert QB's / Andrew Gachkar LB Mizzou

QB brothers Blaine Gabbert and Tyler Gabbert, and LB Andrew Gachkar (above)were put in handcuffs for a period of time, and Tyler was bloodied up with a broken nose after a drunk altercation at a pizza place. At 1:27 AM on Saturday morning police responded to a disturbance outside of Gumby's Pizza. The three players apparently got into an exchange with a group of older men, and Tyler (an incoming freshman) took the most damage apparently, suffering a broken nose that will require surgery to fix. Gachkar took the second most damage, requiring stitches on his hand from slamming it on a table and breaking a plate.

Gumby's manager said it wasn't out of the ordinairy: "It was just some really drunk people, Both parties are certainly to blame, but with all of the confusion, there's really no way of knowing who exactly was at fault."

Despite the fact that Blaine and Tyler are both under 21 (Blaine is 20, Tyler is 18) no tickets were given out despite the police report saying that there was "varying levels of intoxication"

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