Monday, February 15, 2010

Austin Box LB Oklahoma

Austin Box is no stranger to peeing in places he shouldn't be. No, there is no R Kelly videos online (as far as we know) but for the second time in a year, the junior Oklahoma LB has been arrested for urinating in public.

Box, who is 21 years of age, was arrested at around 2 AM Saturday Morning when he walked to the corner on a balcony and urinated in the corner on barstools. When the officers told him he was under arrest, he said he "had to go." (funny, I thought he just went). He was arrested in March for Outraging Public Decency when he was found peeing outside of a restaurant.

A sophomore last year, he started 4 games at MLB and has career stats of 37 tackles, 7.5 for loss, and 1 interception. He's projected to be the top back up and strong side linebacker for this coming year.

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