Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Allen Barbre OT Green Bay Packers

Some people say my fanhood is 100% motivated on hate, well that may or may not be true. First off, its the Vikings. Hate them. Bears, hate them as well, and Lions... well you can't really hate on the Lions. But mainly my fandom of players is based on hate, even players on my own team, or legends from the past on my team. Brett Favre? Hate that betraying bastard. Jarrett Bush? Go get burned again you fuck. Tony Moll? Good fucking god thank you lord we actually traded you for more than a couple K balls. But this hate, oh this hate, bloomed in the the flower of rage this year.

Allen Barbre is a piece of work. I don't know if you watched any Green Bay Packer games, but Allen Barbre got burned like Chicago in 1871. (too soon?) He might as well have a skirt on out there, or at least a matador cape to let the defensive end through, only its not the bull that dies in the end its Aaron Rodgers from getting chased non stop by defensive lineman that Barbre let through. They resigned the Wisconsonite who had just tore his knee up the year before to get Barbre out of there. The worst part? With all the talk of Randy Moss a couple seasons ago, the pick that the Packers used, (yes a PICK was used on this guy) would have been higher compensation than what the New England Patriots actually used to trade for him. Good god I hate Allen Barbre.

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