Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Nick Moore WR New England Patriots

Nick Moore was the lucky one to be chosen to get a roster spot due to Wes Welker's knee owie, even though it was just a practice squad spot. Nick is a Toledo alum, same as his brother Lance Moore who is a wideout for the New Orleans Saints, and Nick was originally signed by the Minnesota Vikings, but was released from there practice squad at the end of September, but now he's got another chance with another playoff team. Pictured with him up top is Andrew Hawkins and Robin Bailey. Hawkins is a former Brown who was in the CFL and may be most known for making it to the final episode of 4th and long with Michael Irvin. Robin Bailey is a senior at Toledo right now and went to high school with the Moore's.

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  1. yeah this guy aint got shit on wes welker let along fucking julian edelman