Saturday, January 23, 2010

Michael Vick QB Philadelphia Eagles

Before noted steroids dealer David Jacobs killed himself, by shooting himself twice of course, he mentioned some names to the DEA regarding who he sold steroids too, one of them was Titans LB Ryan Fowler who was suspended 4 games but appealed it and it has just been dormant since. Another name he gave out that is making its rounds all of the sudden is Michael Vick. The DEA had been creepin' all around Vick's bidness because he was overheard at a party telling a known steroids dealer that he "liked his product" or something like that. At this party, Matt Lehr's Christmas Party, Jacobs sat at a table with Lehr, Vick, 2 other Falcons players and one other player not to be named at this time, but allegedly used steroids also. Lehr was already accused of steroids use and has been suspended before for testing positive.

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