Saturday, January 30, 2010

Mardy Gilyard WR Cincinnati Bearcats

Mardy Gilyard has a fanastic story of rags to riches, he got kicked off the football team and off scholarship in 2006 because he didn't have the grades and got caught cheating, next he worked 4 jobs and lived in his car to pay for school and get back on the football team, and that he did, and when he came back he played like a man who knew it was his second chance. The NFL draft hopeful came out and told all the evaluators about his past at the Senior Bowl, and didn't leave out any detail, being sure to tell them about his arrest for marijuana in high school:

“Character’s a big issue, so I tell them straight-up, I was arrested in high school for possession of marijuana and attempt to distribute. I didn’t have no problem telling (them) that.”

Bold move by telling them, and he attributes his past arrest to be a matter of being "young and dumb", and I don't see this affecting his draft stock much at all.

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