Friday, January 29, 2010

Eric Green CB Ex-Arizona Cardinals

Eric Green was a third round pick by the Arizona Cardinals in 2005, since he got released from the Cardinals in 2008 he spent time with both the San Francisco 49er's and the Miami Dolphins, and then Green got the news that no man ever wants to hear. Nope, he didn't knock up a 16 year old, he is getting sued 10 Millions dollars. That's not the worst part though. He's getting sued because he forcibly sodomized someone. STILL that's not the worst of it, He's getting sued 10 million dollars because he allegedly forcibly sodomized a fucking TRANNY.

The girl (girl?) alleges that in 2009 while Green was with the Arizona Cardinals they met a casino in Scottsdale, Arizona. She (he?) says that "one thing led to another" and they headed to his condo, where he must have been so drunk that he didn't even notice her god damn adams apple. Next, came the alleged sexual assault. Then apparently Green got really agitated like he just realized he had sex with a tranny, and said, "This never happened. You better not tell." Well she did, and shes demanding 10 million dollars.

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