Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dusty Dvoracek DT Chicago Bears

Dusty Dvoracek has never been lucky throughout his career. In his 4 year career, he has landed on IR 4 years in a row. Hell, in his first professional start he tore his ACL. He also missed seasons for a foot injury his rookie year, elbow bursitis, and a torn MCL/another ACL. Now he has ended up in cuffs. Dusty Dvoracek, previously a third round pick out of Oklahoma, was arrested for public intoxication, assault and battery, and interfering with an official process. It all happened at a club Seven47 when he was being asked to leave and didn't take too kindly to that... allegedly, and came out swingin'. Club Seven47 hit up the twitter for there defense droppin this nugget of knowledge on yo ass: Seeeee ya Dusty Dvoracek. Why don't u try heading northeast? I think you & your fighting friends would fit in much better there #jerseyshore.

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