Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Chad Rinehart OG Washington Redskins

Chad Rinehart used to play ball of the University of Northern Iowa, and apparently when he played for them (from 2004-2007) the local Mojo's Pizza House was open much later than it is now. Rinehart, who started 4 games before breaking a leg for the Washington Redskins was arrested for public intoxication in Iowa. The former third round selection of the Redskins was found by police after a door alarm was set off because he was trying to open a locked door at the Pizza House... How long was he pulling on this locked door while the police were in route to the crime scene? Either he is just too stupid to realize the door was locked, too weak to open the door, or the hunger in his stomach messed with his mind and made him both stupid and weak. I'm going to go with option #3. Thats why when I'm shaqdieseled at 2 AM I have Toppers on speed dial.

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