Thursday, January 7, 2010

Chad Henne QB Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins came into week 17 with a chance to get into the playoffs still, all they had to do was beat the stumbling Pittsburgh Steelers who had beat the Packers, but lost to the Browns, Raiders, and Chiefs in recent weeks. Chad Henne did all he could do to try and win that game and keep there slim playoff hopes alive. Oh wait, no he didn't. He got an eye owie which led to rookjob Pat White coming in having compelted no passes, and he got knocked the fuck out, so in comes tiny ass Tyler Thigpen and since he was the emergency third option, Henne couldn't even come back in if he wanted to. And the Dolphins lost. And the Dolphins were out of the playoffs. Photos are from snoodle1186 on webshots. I'm trying to figure out with one is snoodle1186, but I'm just going to assume whoever it is didn't sleep with Chad. I mean, look at them.

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