Thursday, December 10, 2009

Myles White WR Michigan State

Myles White, Redshirt Freshman is just another Michigan State player in trouble with the law these days, thankfully for him, its not for a commando raid on a dorm that wasn't a panty raid. 9 players were charged with assaults and batterys. Last year though him and his twin brother and other Michigan players were in trouble for a fight that left a MSU hockey player with serious injuries, 2 players got jail time in that, Myles' brother got 30 days and another player got 180 days.

Well Myles White said no to this brawl/dorm storm, but yes to going out, getting drunk, and pissing in public. Myles White was charged with Minor in Possession and Public Urination/Disorderly Conduct. It all happened at a nightclub called Small Planet, not many details are out because he plead not guilty to both charges, and trust me, its not going to work.

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