Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Montez Robinson DE Georgia

Daniel Shirey
Montez Robinson, 19 year old freshman for the Georgia Bulldogs, was arrested Nov. 30th. Me, being on Thanksgiving break, completely overlooked this one. The amount of stupidity and well, my lack of shit to do, will post this one. Robinson, a defensive lineman, was arrested and charged with underage possession of alcohol. Police responded to a call that glass was breaking in a parking lot, and no, Robinson wasn't tossing bottles or smashing them over his head, someone had busted out the lights of someones car, and when the police arrived, he smelt of alcohol.

He later, "became very agitated while being placed into double locked handcuffs. He started to yell and scream while being placed in the rear of a caged unit" according to the police report. The week of Nov. 7th, Robinson was named the SEC defensive player of the week... against Tennessee Tech, and will most likely be suspended for whatever bowl game the Bulldogs get.

Busted again edit: Robinson has been arrested for the second time in a week, this time for misdemeanor simple battery, and felony criminal damage/2nd degree. Its because back in October he threw this chick into a garbage can, but she didn't press charges, but now the car that had its lights busted out when he was drunk? Yeah that was hers, and yeah, now shes pissed.

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