Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Jonathan Babineaux DT Atlanta Falcons

ALL the details are out now regarding Jonathan Babineaux's arrest. You can read the police report here, or you can just allow me to break it down real nice for you.

The Officer stated that while watching traffic he noticed a black Cadillac Escalade drive by with windows tinted too much, and an inoperable tag light....

It was 10:45 PM at the time of the arrest, I highly doubt while watching a car moving at a decent rate of speed he noticed the windows were too dark... but I digress...

First strike on Babineaux -- The windows were down (again, how did this officer see the tint?) and it was a cold evening. The officer took him, and passenger Aaron Robinson out of the vehicle, and asked for ID.

Second strike on Babineaux -- This might be on both the passengers. BOTH used a "I know people" line, apparently Robinson made it known his dad was an officer in Minnesota, and Babineaux used a "I play for the Atlanta Falcon's" line. Babineaux made it known that he had just picked up Robinson from the airport.

Babineaux stated that he lent out his car to someone else, who I guess had used marijuana in it. He said that there was no marijuana in the vehicle and refused to allow a search...

Third strike on Babineaux -- the Police already had probable cause to search the vehicle, and K9 was on the way.

Babineaux looked nervous and stated that his passenger, Robinson, had a medical marijuana license.

Fourth strike on Babineaux -- who gives a fuck if he has a medical marijuana license? they're in Atlanta, not California.

Babineaux admitted to marijuana being in the car, and the officer asked how he knew. Babineaux stated that Robinson had brought it with him.

Fifth strike on Babineaux -- He had just picked up Robinson from the airport, kind of hard to get a big old bag of weed through security and stuff. 9/11 ruined that, as well as masturbating in airplanes.

The police searched the car, and of course found the marijuana. The dog smelled it and scratched his car door, had he just admitted it right away, he wouldn't need to put a touch up job on it. Babineaux and his partner in crime were cuffed and seated in separate cars so that they could interview them. Babineaux stated that after picking him up from the airport Robinson asked him to drive to a guys house, to get some weed.

Sixth strike on Babineaux -- Robinson is from Minnesota, and resides in California, how does he know where these drug dealers in Atlanta are at?

Babineaux, always quick on his feet, said "he knows people in Atlanta" The officer asked why he would drive to get drugs, he said he was "not thinking right" He asked Babineaux if he had smoked marijuana, because he stated that Robinson rolled up a blunt and smoked it on the way to his house, he said "no." and that he hadn't smoked marijuana in over a year.

Seventh strike on Babineaux -- the officer found a bottle of "blunt spray" half used, on top of items on the driver side door. Meaning it had been used, likely, in the past year. Also Babineaux has been in the league for 5 years, so he has smoked marijuana since he's been in the league.

Next, Robinson was questioned. After lying, getting told he lied, apologizing for lying, he said he had bought the marijuana, etc. etc. Then he said that Babineaux did in fact smoke marijuana, 2 - 3 times, while driving, but that he had smoked way more marijuana.

Eighth strike on Babineaux -- you gotta get some friends that aren't going to snitch on you like that. Especially when you just told the cop you haven't smoked in a year.

The cop went back to him and asked him if he had smoked marijuana again, another no. The cop told him that Robinson had just told him that he did, and he said that he smoked it once, and that he didn't tell the truth because he didn't want to admit to smoking the marijuana. Babineaux's wife picked up the Escalade, and the two went to jail. Looks like Babineaux has some 'splaining to do to Roger Goodell, and I never want to type the name "Babineaux" again.

That took a while Update: Babineaux's felony count of possession of marijuana with intent to distribute was dropped to three misdemeanor counts of possession of marijuana when Babineaux plead no contest to the charge. He was sentenced to 12 months probation and a $1,500 fine for the one charge, and the other 2 will be dropped upon completion of the probation. Now Roger Goodell brought down the hammer and suspended him.... wait, what? 1 game? Didn't Jolly get almost an felony drug charge that he recently reached a plea deal too (like Babineaux), and get an indefinite suspension? Oh and they suspended Babineaux another game check. The total he is out is $260,000 of his $2.2 million dollar salary for the year. That'll teach him.... to hide his blunt spray better.

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