Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Jon Beason LB Carolina Panthers

Carolina Panthers LB Jon Beason was arrested for aggravated assault when he allegedly knocked out some fan. Well the guy, Greg Frye, apparently has a crushed nasal cavity, a facial fracture, and bruising on the left side of his face... and a hell of a tale to tell...

Frye alleges, that while at the annual Lake Bash at Lake Norman, he say Beason with some fine chick doing cocaine, what better thing to do with that information than go tell his teammate, Dante Rosario. They went outside and Beason beat the fuck out of him, apparently punching him twice and someone kicked him on his way up. The lawsuit states that someone asked Beason if he punched him, and he allegedly said "Yeah, I hit him. It might cost me a hundred grand, but you don't go around telling people I'm doing coke ...'"

Interesting tale, but I don't believe Beason did cocaine. I mean, albeit he was in a strip club... and he is from Miami... this douche bag that filed this lawsuit has also sued a girl before for assault and battery, he probably goes around trying to get cash money hoes this way.

That took a while Update: Jon Beason, who was never charged due to lack of evidence, was sued in a civil court for what he alleges happened in November 2009. Beason claims he tried to punch the man, but he didn't strike him and never assaulted him. Beason also counter sued the man for Slander. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out who won this case, as Beason pocketed $1 winning the counter suit.

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