Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Johnny Jolly DL Green Bay Packers

Johnny Jolly loves to party, he has been on here enough times before, drankin by himself, or with Browns fullback Lawrence Vickers. This post is not just about the picture, though. Seems that the trouble he got into before, that semi got dropped, is now back in his face again. Jolly was arrested for felony drug possession, over 200 grams of codeine. Later, the charges were dropped because there was no way to measure how much codeine Johnny Jolly actually had when he was seated in his car, music blaring. Now, Jolly has been indicted again, for a second time. He faces between 2 and 20 years for the charge, but lets be honest, he won't see any time. Donte Stallworth only got 23 days for running over a man while drunk.

Edit: Well Shot of Ginn wasn't around when Johnny Jolly originally got arrested, so here is what happened, and subsequently why the charged first got dropped.

Jolly was arrested with possessing 200-400 grams of Codeine while outside of a club in Texas. A police unit was patrolling the parking lot because of guns and narcotics in the area
Police heard music from a car, and saw 4 people inside of it. The police asked if there were any weapons and the driver (Jolly) said yes. A semi-automatic pistol was found on the floorboards, and a 21 year old was charged with misdemeanor unlawful carrying of a weapon. Police smelled codeine and searched the vehicle, finding marijuana on a 22 year old in the car. So there was a gun, weed, and codeine in the car.

Now I'm not scientist, or doctor. But I HIGHLY doubt that Jolly was in possession of 200 grams of codeine. Johnny Jolly was arrested with with having a mix of promethazine-codeine and Dr. Pepper, a drink called "Lean" a mind altering drink popular in Houston. First off -- You cannot measure the amount of Codeine inside of a mixed drink. Now, a single reccomended dosage of Promethazine Codeine is 1 teaspoon, or 5ML of Promethazine Codeine, which equals out to 10MG of codeine, and 6.25MG of promethazine hydrochloride. One single gram is equal to 1000 milligrams, meaning to contain 200-400 grams of codeine, it would be 200-400 servings of codeine in a cup. Now the cup unit of measure contains 48 teaspoons, meaning he would have to use over 4 cups of just promethazine-codeine, without mixer, roughly a quart. Thats a big ass fucking cup, and he would likely die of drug overdose since thats enough to bring down a small herd of elephants.

That is all.

Edit #2: That is apparently not all. I remembered the arrest of the late Terrence Kiel (R.I.P.) ex-San Diego Chargers safety (died in a car accident, and it was ruled Mechanical Asphyxia). Kiel was arrested when he was shipping two parcels of promethazine-codeine across the country. How much codeine is in a parcel? Well... I found the search warrant used in the arrest of Terrence Kiel. I'm a regular Nancy Drew. He had three pints of promethazine-codeine, as well as clothes. It also lists items that help beat drug dogs, which you would think would be something you wanted to keep on the down low. For his charge, a first offense (despite all the evidence listed that this wasn't his first time [fake name, paid with cash when having an account, etc. etc.]) he got a total of.... 100 hours of volunteer work (worked out in the end to be 175 hours) probation, and gambling addiction counseling. Jolly is a first time offender who wasn't shipping drugs across the country, was just enjoying a nice cup of "lean" in his car.

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