Monday, December 21, 2009

Jason King FB Auburn

Auburn FB Jason King a walk on Junior, was arrested for DUI this last weekend.What? 2 Fullbacks from the same team arrested for DUI's in the same month? Yup, thats how Auburn rolls. They could have just partied together, possibly shared a single car, and only one of them would have gotten a DUI, and not put the team in jeopardy at the FB position. King however, is 21, and Douglas is 20, but Douglas has the scholarship, while King is the walk on. It'd be like Survivor: Auburn Fullback DUI.

Keep in Mind: If you vote on the side poll about favorite NFL team, it will greatly sway what players to post next. So get to voting, invite your friends, and they can vote to. Then you can vote Either King or Douglas off of DUI island.

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