Thursday, December 24, 2009

Donovan McNabb QB Philadelphia Eagles

In 1999, 5 QB's were selected within the first 12 picks of the draft. #1: Tim Couch, #2: Donovan McNabb, #3: Akili Smith, #11: Daunte McLaunte Culpepper, and #12 Cade McNown. They have a total of 8 Pro Bowl selections (5 for McNabb, and 3 for Culpepper). At least none of the other QB's drafted that year did much of anything, but Shaun King has a ring at least. Not so arguably Donovan McNabb has been the best of the bunch, he has a career 213:99 Touchdown to Interception ratio, and with his 5 Pro Bowls, and he made it to Super Bowl XXXIX, where he was most notably seen vomiting all over the field. Which should be a lesson to all the kids out there, don't drink and try to Quarterback a team in the Super Bowl.

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