Thursday, December 17, 2009

Chris Henry WR Cincinnati Bengals

Chris Henry (1983 - 2009) has had his problems off the field, Marijuana charges, DUI, and gun charges. Some charges against him, including his last ones, were unjustified and were brought up because of his past by people thinking they could get an easy dollar. It was pretty evident that things of those nature, were things of the past. You could legitimately see Chris Henry change and mature before your eyes, he realized his second chance and took it -- he became more about the team than himself, he became a family man.

Sean Taylor, Darrent Williams, Pat Tillman, Steve McNair, and now Chris Henry. The game means one thing, but these players lives mean a lot more. I hate to see a player lose a life prematurely, but this ones devastating, his three children including Chris Jr. on his lap lost their father 8 days before Christmas, and Loleini Tonga lost her fiance, no matter what comes of the investigation, only days after purchasing wedding rings.

R.I.P. Chris Henry


  1. I am not a Cincinnati Bengals fan, but it is still saddening to hear of his passing. I know he had all sorts of issues off the field, but it seemed like he was making an effort to turn his life around. RIP

  2. I am a Packers fan, but I've been a fan on Chris' since he came into the league from WVU, I thought he had Randy Moss potential, and he was finally putting it together...

  3. R.I.P. Chris Henry, 26 is far too young