Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Chris Cooley TE Washington Redskins

Chris Cooley
, on the injured reserve, would like to send out a video invitation to another injured athlete. This one, has an injured reputation, and an injured heart. The athlete is Tiger Woods. This hilarious video is an invitation to come stay out at Chris Cooley's house in the guest room, which is currently being used by Todd Yoder, but they figured a bunk bed would suffice. (I hope Yoder doesn't mind numerous hoe's coming to bunk as well) And of course Chris gives his list of things to do out there, listen to music in the basement, drink some beers and THEN go hang up the Christmas lights, climbing ladders -- cool stuff, golfing, going to the mall, you know, just 2 guys having a good time. Part of me wants Tiger to say fuck it to moving back to Sweden and hop ship and become best friends with Chris Cooley.

Cooley had better hope Tiger doesn't try to swoon Christy Cooley too. Consider yourself warned.

Speaking of Chris Cooley on a blog about athletes drinking, heres him drinking with Alexander Ovechkin and other NFL players. From the Cooley Zone.

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