Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Carlos Dunlap DE Florida

The Florida Gators have a big showdown against Alabama in the SEC Title game coming up, and one of their star players has found himself in trouble with the law off the field. Carlos Dunlap, the star defensive end for the Florida Gators (who leads the team in sacks) was arrested and charged with driving under the influence.

In looking for a car that was reported to be driving recklassly, the officer found Dunlap's car, and fucking red 2000 Chrysler, stopped at a light and wasn't proceeding through the green lights. The officer found Dunlap passed out in the driver seat of the car, and whenever Dunlap would actually wake up, it was momentarily and he would pass out almost immediately. The cop unlocked the car door, turned off the ignition, and put the car in park, all which should have been done prior to sleeping. Dunlap came out of the car, couldn't follow instructions, couldn't speak, smelled of alcohol, had trouble standing, had bloodshot eyes, failed numerous sobriety tests, and then refused a breathalyzer as if that would help him. He might as well have gone for the high score.

The going rate for suspensions right now is a half game for trying to take out another players eyes, so for a little snooze at a red light? Urban Meyer with his iron fist will probably suspend him from the coin toss, and maybe a few offensive series.

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