Monday, November 2, 2009

Michael Carter CB Minnesota Gophers

Michael Carter, a freshman cornerback, was arrested on charges of consumption by a minor and obstructing justice. Now myself, I am a scrawny 6 feet tall and 170 pounds, but I weigh more than this division 1 football player, who is listed at 163 pounds. The team websites always lie though, it stated that Crabtree was 6'3 for Texas Tech, but he measured barely 6'1 at the combine, so he may even be lighter than that. Meaning that he probably got drunk off of 2 wine coolers and smelling a shot of Tequila. Michael Carter was with Kenny Watkins, another freshman defensive back, and they were trying to fight some guys outside of Mesas Pizza in Dinkytown. Cops interviewed the 2 guys that were gonna get there asses whooped and they said that Watkins and Carter were gonna lay the whooping.

Watkins wasn't a fucking idiot and agreed to the pat search, but Carter's dumbass wouldn't put his hands on the wall and and officer grabbed his arm to bring him to the ground and he spun around and kept resisting arrest, all this was happening while other Gopher football players were yelling at him to stop. The deciding factor in the scuffle? An officer busted out a taser gun and pointed it at his chest. Which would make me stop just about anything.

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