Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Kyle Orton QB Denver Broncos

Kyle Orton comes out of his hiding spot to enjoy a nice Coors Light here, nothing like enjoying a taste as cold as the Rockies, well in the Rockies. Apparently, after the trade, or possibly before, but definitely after getting photographed passed out w/ two chicks, Orton has made an honest woman out of someone and has calmed down. Evidence: collared shirt, trimmed neckbeard, lack of drool, and Coors Light as opposed to pretending to give oral to a guy while slamming Jack Daniels. Below, and to the right, is Broncos long snapper Lonnie Paxton, former of the New England Patriots. He is now, the second highest paid Long Snapper in the NFL after signing a 5 year 5.3 million dollar contract.

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