Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Jimmy Clausen QB Notre Dame

Jimmy Clausen was just enjoying a dinner with family members after a loss to UCONN, just out trying to get over the loss that may have ended his coaches tenure at ND, and perhaps one of his last game in Notre Dame uniform. It ended up, though, him getting "Sucker Punched" by an outraged fan. If you believe that. Clausen is a cocky motherfucker and I wouldn't doubt it if he ran his mouth and get hit, but thats not whats being alleged. Of course, you also have to believe that he was out to eat with his parents -- AT 2:30 IN THE FUCKING MORNING. Theres storing involving drama between girlfriends, other dudes getting shoved, Clausen getting punched multiple times while his brother was trying to take out another dude, all over on Deadspin. Clausen bar hopping photo from Busted Coverage.

Of course, this was all just waiting to happen, Jimmy Clausen is the biggest douche bag in the NCAA.

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