Wednesday, November 25, 2009

James Farrior LB Pittsburgh Steelers, Plaxico Burress WR New York Giants

James Farrior, Plaxico Burress, and Casey Hampton were all cornerstones for the Pittsburgh Steelers at one point in time, but there careers have taken different turns now. Casey Hampton is fat, overweight, and there were rumors of him getting his fat ass cut which means less money for all you can eat buffets. James Farrior has continued to play well after being a first round selection in 1997. Plaxico Burress is now the star of the Jail league against the guards after shooting himself hilariously in the leg. Plaxico (32) Hampton (32) and Farrior (34) are all former first round picks, and one just got a contract extension, one might get cut soon, and one is in jail for 2 years. Interesting how things turn out.

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