Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Scooter Berry DL West Virginia

From the same school that gave us wonderful additions to society like Chris Henry and Adam "Pacman" Jones, comes Scooter Berry (Seated next to Dingle). The 23 year old was arrested early Sunday morning with charges of Public Intoxication and Disorderly Conduct. Not many details have been given out, and Berry gave us a apology, via twitter:

Just want2 apologize to all the fans and supporters of the WV Football team..Unfortunately I slipped up Saturday night and made not only Myself but my brothers and the program look bad..I'm willing to take responsibility for my actions and will be dealt with accordingly Again my most sincerest apologies to you all..and hopefully I'll be able to gain the respect back that I've lost

Don't worry Scooter, we here at Shot of Ginn still respect you. Can't say the same for Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys at the "Smoking Musket". They had witnesses and insiders that convinced them that not only him, but another WVU football player, Courtney Stuart, assaulted officers, and cause general disarray. Oh Nancy Drew, this time you've outdone yourself, because it seems that, well, none of them did that. They weren't even together.

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