Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Marcus Johnson OL Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Nick Laham/Getty Images

Marcus Johnson
(left, blocking for UFL god Brooks Bollinger) just got done playing ball over in London, and apparently downed a couple pints on the ride home from the pub when he returned to the States. Johnson, formerly a 2nd round pick by the Minnesota Vikings, was arrested for DUI.

The Cop walked up to Johnson's 2010 Impala and saw him taking a little drunk nap in the car, while it was in the middle of an intersection. Instead of letting him sleep it off, I mean he did just have to play the New England Patriots, he woke him up. When the officer got Johnson out of the vehicle he smelled of alcohol, had bloodshot, glassy eyes, and had a noticeable sway in standing. Which I like to call the "super lean". Johnson performed field sobriety tests which he apparently didn't pass, but it just says that he "exhibited numerous clues of impairment". Maybe they made him try and block one of the officers, but let him through for a sack. Oh wait, he'd probably do that sober.

"that was quick" edit: Marcus Johnson cut by Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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