Monday, October 26, 2009

Lofa Tatupu LB Seattle Seahawks, Dallas Sartz LB Ex-Washington Redskins

Here is former USC linebackers Dallas Sartz (left), who was one of the best players in the country in highschool, and was destined to be an NFL star when he left college, which obviously would have been as a junior. As Lee Corso says " NO SO FAST MY FRIEND!" He was injured in college after starting a bit, and ended up being a 5th round pick by the Washington Redskins, he spent time with the Minnesota Vikings and Seattle Seahawks also, not amounting to anything. Where is he now? I have no fucking idea.

Lofa Tatupu took a different route, he started out his career at D1-AA Maine where he didn't even lead the team in tackles, and he transfered TO USC from there. His dad played there and for the New England Patriots, so he possibly wanted to continue the legacy. After a surgery and sitting out a season, he started at MLB and the rest is history, a second round selection he has been a 3 time pro bowler for the Seahawks. I guess you could say he is living the high life.

The other guy? The 'dog'? Well I don't even really want to know who that guy is. From Busted Coverage.

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