Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Plaxico Burress WR Ex-New York Giants

Before checking in -- after tryouts of course -- to the New York State Prison, looks like Plaxico Burress went out and had himself a grand ol time with a bunch of hunnies on a boat. I hope he enjoyed this meeting with these ladies because... I'm not so sure about the conjugal visit rules int he New York penal systems. But wait, a quick lookup shows that Plax isn't getting any action in his 2 year stay...

Kissing: A visitor and inmate may embrace and kiss at the beginning and end of any contact visit. Brief kisses and embraces are also permitted during the course of the contact visit. However, prolonged kissing and what is commonly considered “necking” or “petting’ is not permitted.

Ouch, I hope he lived it up while he was on the outside, because the loving will be far an inbetween. And will likely be in the shower.

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