Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lawrence Taylor LB New York Giants

Lawrence Taylor is widely considered one of the top pass rushing linebackers of all time, and well, I agree. Mainly because he snapped Joey "Sunshine" Theisman's leg in multiple places, and I have been wanting to punch that guy since he was on Monday Night Football. Other than that, he is known for his drug, alcohol, and other controversies. Once he was asked what he could do that no other outside Linebacker could do... His answer? "Drink". He also at one point in time called his own house basically a crack den. Well now the real L.T. had another interview with the New York Post, and he had some more interesting tidbits. On his first failed drug test in the NFL, he submitted a teammates urine, the result? The teammate came away clean, and his was dirty. Other quotes:

"The night before I retired, I realized that I wanted to do recreational drugs again, the recreational drugs turned into a full-time job."

Moment of clarity? "When the feds put the handcuffs on me, it comes in real clear -- these are not recreational handcuffs."

On Bill Parcells: "Bill can be a real ass-hole sometimes" Then asked why he helped Bill keep his job when it was in jeopardy, "He was my drinking buddy, I wasn't going to let him go!"

So there you have it, Bill and Lawrence, just out on the town, TWO WILD AND CRAZY GUYS!

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