Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Kevin Norrell WR Joshua Garrett LB Washington State

Sophomore Kevin Norrell (pictured) and Redshirt Freshman Joshua Garrett of Washington State had full intentions of helping the Cougars raise there 2008 win total, of course that wouldnt be hard considering they only had one. Well Norrell can forget about helping the Cougars again, and Garrett has to sit on the sidelines for two games, sort of like a timeout. Not that he would have played anyways, less than Norrell at least, who was a starter. Norrell was arrested for DUI early Saturday, and was voted off the team by coaches and players, fuckin Survivor style. No other details given, but Garrett was charged with minor exhibiting signs of being under the influence. What was he doing? One can only imagine... puking, telling Norrell "I love you mannn", or fondling a fatty, your pick.

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