Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Kennard Banks CB, Cleyon Laing DE, Kevin Hamlin LB Iowa State

Kennard Banks, Cleyon Laing, and Kevin Hamlin all turned themselves into the Central Iowa Drug Task Force. All three were arrested and charged with possession of a controlled substance. Which apparently is a "SERIOUS" misdemeanor, as opposed to an "ehhh" misdemeanor, this time they mean business. No controlling CONTROLLED substances in Iowa. All three were suspended indefinitely, but Banks is the only one listed as a starter. It all started when some douchey informant told police that some people were smoking marijuana by a dumpster, after an initial investigation (i.e. the one detective in Iowa comes in and interrogates EVERYONE) someone tells them they recognized one of the marijuana smokers as being a football player on ISU. Which, of course, isn't saying much for the 2 that weren't recognized as being on the football team. From that the investigators served their search warrants and turned up marijuana a small glass jar of marijuana in Banks bedroom. Banks foolishly admitted it was his. Then they found marijuana seeds in Hamlin's bedroom. Hamlin foolishly admitted it was his. Now they have to wait for the system to play it all out before they can play ball again at ISU.

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