Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Jerome Simpson WR Cincinnati Bengals

Jerome Simpson was drafted in the second round out of Coastal Carolina last year by the Cincinnati Bengals, well mainly because of his freakish athletic ability. He has had plenty of catches and chances to show off his 4.47 40 (8th best at combine) 37.5 Vertical Leap (2nd best at combine) and 11'4 broad jump (far and away the best at the combine)

Oh wait, he has 1 catch... for 2 yards. So he was the 6th WR taken, and was outperformed, receiving-wise, by 61 rookies and 21 rookie WR's his rookie season. Can you say All-Star.

Update: Just because. Check out this Academy Award winning, worse than soccer flop. Maybe he was just paying homage to the end of the NBA Lockout. Then again he got a flag so more power to him.:

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