Thursday, September 17, 2009

Evan Oglesby CB Baltimore Ravens

In 2005 an Undrafted Free Agent from North Alabama named Evan Oglesby hit the NFL hoping to get a job and stick around the NFL for a bit, and thats what he did. The North Alabama Lion's alum got a job with the Buffalo Bills first, which didn't amount to nothing, but the Ravens saw something they liked in the kid and he stuck around until 2007, sometimes lining up as their Nickel cornerback, he was cut in 2007, and played for the Dallas Cowboys that season, he came back in 2008 to the Ravens and was recently cut by them during the final roster cuts. Making it to the final cuts means that if there is an injury somewhere, its possible that he could be one of the first players called up. The picture is from Twitter, as it was his profile picture, of sorts.

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