Thursday, September 17, 2009

Eric Wright CB Cleveland Browns

What else is there to say about Eric 'Eazy E' Wright that hasn't already gone down on cassette disks around Compton? I'll let Eazy E kick it then.

Alright, well I don't think he is quite the rapper that Eazy E was, but he's probably a lot better cornerback. Behind my illegal use of hands Packer cornerbacks he's my favorite in the league. As a starter at USC he got arrested for suspicion of rape (which amounted to nothing) and 136 extacy pills were found in his room. Where to transfer instead of face discipline at USC? How about... Wyoming, or North Dakota, or... say Wisconsin. Somwhere there isn't much to get in trouble for so you can focus on getting your NFL career on track. Nope, Eric Wright transfered to UNLV to prove that he could stay out of handcuffs, while in a place such as Las Vegas. In the end, it worked out for him, getting drafted in the second round by the Cleveland Browns in 2007.

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