Thursday, September 17, 2009

Charles Rogers WR Ex-Detroit Lions

When it rains it pours, just as Charles Rogers (who I must add has been on this site THREE times) . Recently sued by the Detroit Lions to the tune of 6.1 Millllllion dollars (enforcing an arbitration award, which was because the team is trying to regain bonus money given to him while he was suspended by the League for violating the substance abuse policy) he has been arrested, again. This time, Charles Rogers was arrested for DUI and operating a vehicle while liscense is not valid. He was arrested Wednesday night, while unresponsive behind the wheel, with the car still in gear. Interesting fact is, he was driving a fucking Mercedes Benz. How can Charles Rogers, who hasn't had a sniff of the NFL since 2005, who smokes "reguhlly", and even failed in trying to get to the god damn CFL afford a Mercedes Benz?

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